About McKinney Dancewear:

AboutHeather McKinney, Owner
(Photo by Fred Western)

Owned by a dancer; for dancers
McKinney Dancewear is owned and operated by Heather McKinney,
an award winning former professional dancer and
choreographer, with over 30 years of industry experience in ballet, ballroom, jazz,
modern, tap, highland, and musical theater.

Heather McKinney Choreography & Theater Resume

230721_219276424767961_1492343_n     Nutcracker 1990's     GetImage.ashx
Photos courtesy of the Kalamazoo Ballet Company

The Best Fit
Precise fitting is required in pointe shoes.
Dancers may arrange a fitting with Master Fitter Heather McKinney, who provides
superlative fitting to students, pre-professionals and professionals.
Heather has over 30 years of industry experience.

Pointe shoe fittings by appointment.
Call:  269-598-5660
Email:  mckinneydancewear@gmail.com

Preparing for ClassCustomer Service
Customer Service isn’t just about being “nice”.  It’s about courtesy, respect, sharing experience, listening and responding to your needs and wants, answering questions with accurate information, offering suggestions of new styles to try, properly fitting garments or shoes, supporting you during a big performance or competition, congratulating you on a job well done, and offering classes and workshops on skills that matter to you.
Our customers are the most important part of our business,
and that shows in everything we do!

Sustainable Business

New dancewearWe take pride in ownership.  That’s why, as much as possible, we’ve chosen brands that produce items made in the USA, United Kingdom, France, and Canada.
Our business practices demonstrate environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility.  We’re proud to be active participants in the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum!
From paper to pointe shoes…
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!